SKC Calendars

To stay up-to-date on SKC events, fundraisers, and practices, it is recommended that you subscribe to each calendar! As we update the calendar, those changes will be reflected in your personal calendar once you subscribe. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to

2. Login to your account (this will take you to your Go Motion account)

3. Select "Events & Competition" on the left toolbar

4. Click "Events"/"Fundraising"/"Practices"

5. Click "Subscribe"

6. Copy the link

7. On iPhone: Go to your settings

8. Click "Calendar"

9. Click "Accounts"

10. Click "Add Account"

11. Choose "Other"

12. Click "Add Subscribed Calendar"

13. Paste the copied link and follow the directions

Check that it worked:

- Go to your Calendar app, click "Calendars" at the bottom, scroll down to "Subsribed" to make sure it's there

- You can tap the information button next to the calendar to customize color codes and set alerts


**Repeat steps 4-13 for each calendar (events, fundraising, your child's team practices)