Facebook Raffles

These are optional fundraisers and a great way to raise money for your athlete.  All you need to do is SHARE the raffles that we post on the Southampton Knights Cheerleading Social Media Accounts. 

Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instgaram!

Every family who shares and promotes these fundraisers will earn money in their cheer bank.  Those who share and sell spots will earn even more! 


  It’s Easy:

  1. Share Flyer on your Social Media Accounts
  2. Friends and Family send a Venmo to @SKCheer for the number of spots that they wish to purchase
  3. They add the cheerleader’s name that they are supporting
  4. After the conclusion of the raffle, a credit will be made into your cheer bank


How do they work?


Jen shares the Lucky Leprechaun Peloton Raffle on her social media and sells 20 spots. 100 spots are sold at $30 each and the cost of the prize and fees is $2267. A total of 23 cheerleaders share and sell spots.

  1. $3000 - $2267 = $733

  2. $733 - 20% = $586.40

  3. $586.46/100 * 20 = $117.29

  4. ($146.60/23) +  $117.29 = $123.15 

Lucky Leprechaun Peloton Raffle
March 17, 2022 – March 31st
$30 a spot
Summer Vacation Cash Raffle
May 8th - May 16th
$10 a spot
Beer Wall Raffle*
June 14th - June 22nd
$10 a spot
*A case of beer/alcohol must be donated to receive 100% of your sales – if a donation is not received, you will receive 50%
Click here to go to the sign-up genius to choose your donation  
Black Friday Holiday Shopping Cash Raffle
November 13th to November 21st
$10 a spot