Fundraising Bonds

A bond is a check that is held, but not cashed, as assurance that a specific action or responsibility will be fulfilled. You will not be issued gear or permitted to practice without submitting your bond check.

The fundraising bond is $300 for one child and $500 for 2 or more children. It is meant to help ensure families meet the participation requirements for the team fundraising events. The checks will be held until the end of the fundraising events, and not cashed, unless the family does not meet ALL the following requirements. 


Fundraising Participation Requirements:

  1. Volunteer for a SKC Designer Handbag Bingo job on the Sign-Up Genius
  2. Donate $50 for one child or $75 for 2 or more children for Raffle Baskets at the SKC Designer Handbag Bingo (can be an item(s) valued at this amount or a monetary donation)
  3. Each stunt group must get a minimum $150 donation from a business to sponsor the purchase of a designer handbag
  4. Donate 10 filled white kitchen trash bags for on child or 15 for 2 or more children to June or August Clothing Drive
  5. Participate in a minimum of 1 Dine and Donate (send a picture of your receipt to [email protected])


If all the above fundraising participation requirements are met, the fundraising bond check will be destroyed, or returned to the parents, by the conclusion of the season. If you are unable to participate in fundraising events, you can choose to pay the fundraising bond at the time of competition team registration.    

All fundraising bonds must be post-dated December 1, 2022 and submitted at the time of registration.